Scope and limitations

Services offered

Ted Lightfoot LLC provides consultancy in developing and improving processes for polymeric film casting, coating, drying, and laminating.  The primary activities of this consulting are:

  1. Process synthesis and scale-up including finding appropriate contract manufacturers for clients seeking to set up an external supply chain for film based products. 
  2. Troubleshooting (returning production to established process capability) and defect  reduction (improving process capability) for customers in the converting industry.
  3. Education including short courses (public and private), and articles published in professional, scientific, and trade journals.


E. J. Lightfoot does not maintain PE credentials and TED LIGHTFOOT LLC will not undertake work that requires professional engineer certification including, but not limited to, providing seal work for public or private clients, signing and submitting engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or safety certifications.

TED LIGHTFOOT LLC does not sell computer software including but not limited to computer models of Client or Vendor processes; however, TED LIGHTFOOT LLC will work with Clients to help Clients develop models of relevant processes.

If TED LIGHTFOOT LLC is hired by a Client for projects involving development or improvement of Clients’ manufacturing processes including contract manufacturing, TED LIGHTFOOT LLC will neither seek nor accept payment from any company (Vendor) that may provide services, materials, or equipment to Clients in connection with said project that could create or appear to create a conflict of interest including but not limited to referral fees from any vendor.   This restriction does not limit TED LIGHTFOOT LLC from undertaking separate projects with Vendor companies wherein said Vendor Company becomes a Client of TED LIGHTFOOT LLC seeking to improve said Vendor company’s products or processes.