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Simple Correlations for Thickness Profiles in Melt Casting

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Pages286 – 303
Article first published online: June 13, 2023
Issue published: July 2023
Citation: Lightfoot EJ. Simple Correlations for Thickness Profiles in Melt Casting. Journal of Plastic Film & Sheeting. 2023;39(3):286-303. doi:10.1177/87560879231178350


Neck-in during melt casting of polymeric film and extrusion coating along with the related issue of edge bead formation, has been widely studied. However, one aspect of this problem that has received relatively little attention is empirical correlations for the thickness profile near the edges of the sheet. The correlations given here may prove useful for industrial operations as well as provide benchmarks for numerical studies of the myriad factors that influence neck-in.